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Mini Skip Rental / Hire in East London

 Waste Management Solutions

  • Residential Skip Rental - Household Waste, Garden Waste and Home Renovation Waste and Household Refuse. The mini skip will be delivered within 24 hours, left on site for the following day and collected the day after, or you can take a "Weekend Skip" from Friday to Monday (Or as per arrangement). The mini skip has a capacity of 2.5m³ or 2 Tons. We now have 3m³ "BIG" Mini Skips available for the larger loads, specifically for  General Waste and Garden Refuse.  Ideal to use for your yard cleanup or garage clean-out, with the added benefit of no unwanted people on your premises. We do not handle Building Rubble i.e. Bricks, Sand, Stone and Cement.
  • Commercial Skip Rental - We can assist with waste management in Retail, Commercial, Hospitality, Fast-Food, Office and Manufacturing Industries. Old or redundant filing, shredded paper, cardboard or general office or warehouse waste. Pickup schedules that will suite you and your business, the solution is a phone call away. We can set up weekly/monthly contracts to suit your needs, as there are very different requirements for each situation, contact us to discuss your service requirements. We now have 3m³ "BIG" Mini Skips available for the larger loads, specifically for  General  Commercial Waste (not for Building Rubble).
  • Construction Skip Rental - Keep your building site clean and orderly, the 2.5m³ or 2 Tons capacity Mini Skips will be out of your way on the site and with prompt service cleaned out as per the arranged schedule you made with us. The skips are ideal for small to medium projects containing of General waste i.e. Dry Walling, Carpets, Wood, Paper, Plastic and general material waste. Due to the weight and distance to dumpsites, we do not handle loads of building rubble i.e. bricks, sand, stone, cement etc. 
  • Recyclable Materials - SkipAway is all for going Green. We can collect bulk skip-loads of recycle materials and dispose of it at the relevant recyclers i.e. Cardboard, Paper, Recyclable Glass (Tempered Class cannot be Recycled - Link) or Metals. 

How it Works - We drop the bin at your site, you fill and we collect. Quick, easy and no additional staff on your site.

Different waste types have to be disposed of at different sites, it is therefore important to mention the type of waste and suburb you are at when requesting a quote from us, as we also have to take into account the distance and the various dumping fee charges per disposal site.

As with any other business, there are fixed costing involved for us to discard of waste at the prescribed landfill sites, as per the rules and laws set out by Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality. Be aware of scam operators with cheap pricing, the chances are very high that your waste will be dumped illegally and harmful to the environment. Rather use a reputable business with a proven track record. Remember - If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

Types of waste:

  • General Waste - Contains of paper, plastic, treated wood, ceiling boards, pressed wood, cardboard, Household Waste, Industrial Waste, Building Rubble & Garden Refuse can be mixed in here. No Building Rubble allowed in these skips.
  • Building Rubble - Contains of Bricks, Plaster, Dry Cement, Sand, Stone, Ceramic Tiles, Roof Tiles, Fiber Cement Roof Panels (No Asbestos Allowed). This service is currently not available.
  • Garden Refuse - Contains of Plant Material Only. (No Treated Wood or any other types of Waste)
  • SkipAway does not handle Hazardous- Medical- or Food Waste - Chemicals, Paint, Oil, Fridge compressors, Florescent tubes, Asbestos, Electronic Waste, Printer Cartridges or any material that can cause harm to the environment.

How Big is a Mini Skip?

  • Skip measurements for the 2.5 Mini Skip is: 2.4m long, 1.3m wide, 1m high.
  • Skip measurements for the 3.5 Mini Skip is: 2.4m long, 1.3m wide, 1,3m high.
  •  To convert 2.5 Cubic Meter to Liter please click this Link
  •  To convert 3.5 Cubic Meter to Liter please click this Link

Payment for service to be made once the skip has been delivered. We will WhatsApp or email the invoice and you can settle via EFT or cash.

Please note: No fires are allowed inside the skips. Any damage to the metal, paint & decals is the responsibility of the client and cost of repairs will be billed for.

Delivery Charges do apply once the order gets cancelled on delivery.

If weather has an influence on your project, click on below link to get the latest forecast for East London:  

SkipAway Mini Skips provides waste removal service in East London CBD, Eastern Cape in the following Suburbs

Amalinda, Abbotsford, Arcadia, Baysville, Beacon Bay, Berea, Blue Bend, Bonnie Doon, Bonza Bay, BraelynBunkers Hill, Cambridge, Dorchester Heights, East London Central, Gonubie, Greenfields, Haven Hills, Nahoon, Nahoon Valley, Quigney, Southernwood, Stirling, Sunnyridge, Vincent, Westbank , Woodbrook